The CDTi stands as the benchmark for Coach, Supervisor and Leader development. In order to do this, it must have a solid and verifiable framework. This framework is Coaching 2.0!

The Coaching 2.0 framework uses Intention, Awareness, Choice and Response as the basis for understanding how clients construct their thinking. With this frame, a CDTi coach is capable of seeing the construction of the client once they have undertaken the MCO workshops we provide, which ensures a more ethical approach to the coach/client relationship.

This is the main differentiator from our approach and other associations around the world.

Our MCO’s are always one level higher in their Dynamic Intelligence than their clients.

An MCO starts with the client’s construction of self as the basis for vertical development regardless of the problem the client is trying to solve. This construction is measured using the Awareness Quotient tool, verified over 20,000 profiles, 20 years of experience, agrowing number of Masters degrees and a PhD.

Essentially, the CDTi will only validate those coaches who reach a minimum standard of Dynamic Intelligence in order to coach clients the CDT way. No other association demands such high standards.

As a consequence, our clients are guarenteed a more ethical approach to their coaching journey as they are ensured a coach who is capable of seeing their patterns and thus is capable of coaching the right issue: their construction of self!

No other global Association or Institute uses Constructed Development Theory, the AQ and Dynamic Intelligence as the foundation for their Development approach. Please click on the individual links above for more information on each categorisation of coaching.

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This is the standard by which we measure the capacity and capability of our Coaches. A definition for each standard will appear here very soon.