The Constructed Development Institute (CDTi) is a brand new standard for coach development. The CDTi is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting higher standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of significantly more developed and more capable coaching professionals.

Unlike some organisations, we are not interested in getting thousands of paying customers through a weekend course in the basics of Coaching and then advocating their new hobby status.

Our new framework depends on our ability to increase the self-awareness of our coach professionals and to ensure a minimum standard of excellence using the MCO principles, not the existing procedural ideas we see in other organsiations.

MCO is derived from Constructed Development Theory and stands for ‘More Complex Other’. We use this not just as a differentiator from other systems available, but because it reflects the principles of CDT that illustrate that a less self-aware individual cannot coach a more self-aware client.

If you understand the need for a different, more professional approach to coach development despite the myriad of coaching organisations in the world, then we welcome you to the next level of Coaching excellence.